Hello Guys!

I hope you all enjoyed Valentines and had a good time with the ones closest to your heart?

I spent most of my day at home and then church, I’ve never actually been one to celebrate or make a big deal out of the day so it’s same for me almost every year.


I met up with fellow blogger -Oju Lale of Lale’s Archives– at the Cornerstore Cafe (shared a review here) and of course we had a shoot but not without food…


I had caramel waffles and strawberry white mocha. Can I just say that these caramel waffles were everything and more. It doesn’t just look good, it also tasted really good and you should try it… Yummy!


If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely love the strawberry white mocha. Although I should have had a cold drink instead considering the recent heat wave, but this wasn’t a bad choice at all. It’s definitely a great option for a cooler day.





How I smile when my cafe crush Henry is right behind me #jokes



Oju had the Spotlight Margarita and commented on how nice it was, he really liked it. For me it was strong, I like my drinks virgin, that is without alcohol, so I would usually not have a cocktail.

Look at the sheen on this metallic skirt… LOVE!!!



I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you’ve already tried out anything we had or you have other recommendations. I’m looking to try out something new everytime I visit.

Have an amazing and fulfilling weekend. Love… Jen♥

Top: Miss Selfridge | Skirt: Zara | Shoes: Nine West

Photos: Favour Benjamin


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