Happy Weekend my Darlings!

I hope you all had a great week and your weekend is going well?

Seeing as toady is wash day over here, I am sharing information about the natural hair products I use, my thoughts about them and some tips for those struggling in their natural hair journey or currently transitioning.

2018-01-09 11.47.33 1

When I decided to go natural mid 2015, the goal was to get my hair to a healthy place. I started out my journey almost clueless, using products from Tresemme. After a little while, I got a couple of Cantu products and one from Aunt Jackie’s I never got to use till date.

I had heard about Shea Moisture but never got to try it out until I saw great results on my sister’s hair, she does have some enviable curls. I love that the brand uses only certified organic shea. Also it contains no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, paraffin, mineral oil or synthetic colour which dry out the hair and can be harmful to overall health, thereby making it safe.

Shea Moisture has different product lines in their range so this can be quite confusing, especially for a newbie. But all you have to do is first figure out what you want to work on, and then go on to choose a product line that contains products to help you achieve just that.

2018-01-10 12.02.09 1

I needed to repair damage caused by years of using different brands of relaxers, strengthen and get my hair to a place where I could say confidently that I have healthy hair so I opted for the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line. The shampoo cleanses the hair and doesn’t leave my scalp dry, I love it for that. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar contained in the shampoo work to promote healthy hair by repairing and balancing the pH levels of the scalp respectively.

Tip: A little goes a long way so you’ll be sure to get good use out of this 500ml bottle. I have used mine since March 2017, I wash my hair say 3 times every month and I still have half the bottle left.

2018-01-09 11.00.02 1

After shampooing, I go in with this only once a month. I apply, comb through for even distribution of the product and leave for an hour with a plastic/nylon bag over my head. I always feel like this does a lot of work to make my hair healthy by deeply penetrating through and moisturizing my hair and scalp.

Tip: I never comb my hair except I’m washing and when I need to style my hair, I just moisturize and use the tip of my fingers to detangle.

2018-01-09 11.52.53 1

I do not use the conditioner you have to rinse off at the moment and the only reason is because I was on a budget when I got these products, so I chose to get a leave-in conditioner instead. This conditions and also moisturizes the hair so after application, combing through is a breeze.

2018-01-09 11.58.23 1

Got this Natural Nigerian product from The Mose Store last October last and I have been using it since then. I use maybe once or twice a week, and massage into my scalp after conditioning. It contains horsetail and hibiscus which are both great for hair growth.

2018-01-09 11.40.48 1

I have always used coconut oil for my hair and I currently have the Arami Coco oil which I got from The Mose Store as well. Coconut oil is one thing almost every naturalista has for the fact that it keeps the hair hydrated, but surprisingly, I have heard someone say it doesn’t work for her because it makes her hair hard. So you’d have to try it and figure out if it works for you. Alternatively, shea is a great option in the event that this fails to work.

2018-01-09 10.50.36 2

This product I like the least, I’m not sure how I feel about it and that is only because of my curl pattern. I am a 4c girl and my curls (more like coils) are already tight so I would say I don’t need this at all. But again, I love the smell and seeing that it had coconut in it, I was tempted and clearly gave in without stopping to think properly.

You can find Shea Moisture in quite a number of Nigerian stores. In Lagos, I know it’s available at Ebeano and I’m sure there’s other places that stock them as well. In Port Harcourt, I hear they stock them at Prince Trust and if you need to get it online you can simply order here.

I hope you enjoyed this very lengthy post, feel free to share the names of natural hair brands you are currently using and loving in the comments below and your natural hair struggles if you have any.

Love… Jen♥


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