Welcome to 2018 darlings!

I hope everyone had an awesome Holiday and entered into the new year surrounded by love, light and positivity.

2018-01-02 12.22.12 1

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks mostly with my thoughts, going over things I want to see change for real. Instead of being focused on writing down New Year resolutions, I went through a few notes I had written down from 2016 and it’s interesting to see that I still want pretty much same things. Maybe a couple of things have changed here and there, but for the most part my dreams are same.

So rather than writing goals, my friend said to write down visions this time, he said visions work better.

2017-12-19 12.51.28 1

2017 came with disappointments and a few tears but through it, I had the support of my very amazing family and a great friend for which I am most grateful.

Amongst the many things I want to see change, I plan to love more this year, laugh more, dream more, overcome a few fears (hopefully), speak with God a lot more and just uphold a positive and thankful spirit regardless. 2018 can only be better.

2017-12-19 12.51.17 1

2017-12-19 12.51.23 1

2017-12-19 12.51.27 1

2018-01-02 12.22.10 1

2017-12-19 12.51.19 1

2018-01-02 12.29.06 1

So cheers to an amazing Year and New Beginnings!

Bisous… Jenā™„

Dress: Annish Stores | Shades: Dapmod

Photos: Roby


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