Isn’t it great when you go out to eat and know that your money is well spent because you get not only good food but great service as well?

2017-12-12 07.38.52 1

Had dinner at Utopia about a week ago and it was great. When Arese Ugwu AKA The Smart Money Woman raves about a place you better visit, you’ll be sure to get value for your money.

It was a quiet evening at the restaurant so the ambience was good.

The staff were so polite, they are the absolute sweetest. Once they spot you taking pictures they immediately offer to help you out, when this happened the second time we knew it was their thing.

2017-12-12 07.38.43 1
Virgin Piña Colada

2017-12-12 07.38.51 1

2017-12-12 07.38.49 1

I had this very yummy Alfredo Al Forno which is basically sauteed chicken, penne pasta, parmesan cheese, fresh cream, fresh mushrooms topped with cheese.

It tasted amazing and I’d say you get a decent portion because I could only eat say half of it.

2017-12-12 07.38.42 1

2017-12-12 07.38.48 1

My date had their San Jose Fajita which is grilled chicken tenders, grilled bell peppers, fries, topped with jalapenos and pico de gallo served with guacamole sour cream, tortilla bread (she loved this) and cheddar cheese.

For some reason, I didn’t try this but there were no complaints from her so I know it had to be really good.

2017-12-12 07.38.44 1

2017-12-12 07.38.46 1

2017-12-12 07.38.41 1

Complimentary cheese cake for dessert just made me love Utopia even more!

2017-12-12 07.38.54 1

Overall my night at Utopia was great and it’s somewhere I’ll definitely be visiting again.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been here and your fave on the menu.

Love… Jen♥


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    1. Jenny Cole says:

      Thank you lovely❤

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