Ah Wanni Fuga!

Thank you for not disappointing.
2017-12-03 01.17.54 1

The search for an outfit to wear to my friend’s wedding was not an easy one, with designers constantly disappointing and breaking hearts, getting the perfect outfit especially when you are not physically there to fit it can be tasking.

2017-12-03 01.17.52 1

I spoke with the lady from the brand less than a week before the wedding and I’m not sure how I settled to get a UK size 6 but that didn’t quite work out as we had to make a couple of adjustments.

I loved the fact that one can easily walk into their store, pick any outfit regardless of the size and they fit you into it in no time.

2017-12-03 01.51.07 1

2017-12-03 01.17.50 1

2017-12-03 01.17.48 1

2017-12-03 01.17.47 1

2017-12-03 01.17.51 1

2017-12-03 01.17.49 1

2017-12-03 01.17.55 1

2017-12-03 01.17.45 1

I am proud of how far the Nigerian fashion industry has come because of brands like Wanni Fuga and I am looking to see more brands grow and maintain a high level of professionalism.

My hair was done by the very lovely ladies of KLS Naturals.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Love… Jenā™„

Photos: Roby


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