I had lunch a few weeks back with my friend at Johnny Rockets, Abuja and I know this is coming late but I just had to do a review. My friend had been going on and on about their milkshakes so I had to try it and I had such a good time.

2017-06-07 11.26.52 3

2017-06-08 09.11.52 1

Johnny Rockets is an international restaurant chain that provides the food, fun, and friendliness reminiscent of feel-good Americana. The restaurant boasts of great tasting food from a menu of favorites, including juicy hamburgers, classic sandwiches, and hand-dipped shakes and malts.

2017-06-07 11.26.59 1
L-R: Butterfinger and Strawberry Oreo Crumble milkshake 

I had the Strawberry Oreo Crumble and all I can say is that milkshake was YUM. Their milkshakes are so good, if you haven’t tried them yet you should.

2017-06-07 11.26.58 1

I also had this Bacon Cheddar single burger and boy was it great. I like to have ketchup inside my burger so I added that but I could have had it without and it’ll still be really good. Next time I visit, I’ll have to try something else and I’m certain it’ll be great as well.

2017-06-08 09.11.51 1

My friend had this sandwich and wasn’t having it and I’m honestly not sure what it is called, I only wish I had tried it myself.

2017-06-07 11.26.50 1

The Johnny Rockets wings were not bad at all but they could be better, I didn’t enjoy them as much. I guess it depends on how you like your wings, these were quite crunchy but I would have preferred them a little “wet” and messy.

2017-06-07 11.26.57 1

2017-06-08 09.11.47 1

Every table has this tabletop jukebox which the customers are supposed to select music from, then it connects to the bigger jukebox and plays but for some reason it didn’t work so you had to play directly from the bigger one. All the same it looked good on the tables, love the concept.

2017-06-08 09.11.49 1

2017-06-07 11.26.55 1

This restaurant is so clean, I absolutely love the decor, it’s so relaxing.

2017-06-07 11.26.54 1

The staff were super friendly, polite, hospitable and all smiles, had to pose for a photo with these two beautiful ladies and the photo was taken by another sweet staff.

I was told the staff usually do a dance every hour or so to entertain customers but sadly we were the only ones eating in at the time, so we didn’t get to see them dance.

2017-06-07 11.26.56 1

2017-06-08 09.11.48 1

Goofing around with the jukebox, I play too much…

If you’ve been here and tried anything else that you loved please leave a comment below, I’ll like to try something new next time I visit… Jen♥

Johnny Rockets Abuja
215 Konoko Crescent (off Adetokunbo Ademola)
Wuse II, Abuja, FCT


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Maudleen says:

    Oh this is so nice. The hamburger looks yummy and I’m craving already. Have to try their special milkshakes too. The ambience is so inviting.
    Can’t believe I’ve been in Abuja all these years and know nothing about this place.
    Thanks for sharing Jen!



    1. Jenny Cole says:

      Yes, I loved the burger and I’m looking forward to trying other ones next time I visit. The milkshakes are a must… Thanks for reading babe❤


  2. Roby says:

    Jenny you already know my medicines! When am sick get me johnny Rocker 👀 Milk shake butter finger to be precise or stoodies garden fish 😂😂😂


    1. Jenny Cole says:

      Lol, I already know this❤


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