Happy New Month Lovelies.

On the blog today, I am styling a dress I’ve had for a while differently from how I’ve always worn it with a raffia bag from my last post. In case you missed that, you can check it out here.

2017-05-31 09.20.23 1

2017-05-31 09.20.18 2

At first I just wore this dress on it’s own but of course it got boring so I styled it with my sister’s white collared shirt and loved it (yes I’m that girl who doesn’t own a crisp white shirt). Finally, I decided my basic long sleeved white top would have to do, and I added a few bits too to take this top and dress from basic to chic.

Scarfs have the power to do that by taking your outfit up a notch, and who doesn’t know raffia bags are in trend at the moment. And yes it’s June already, so you can bring your raffia bags out and wear them to work, the salon, to run errands, the beach, everywhere in fact. You can always throw on a pair of shades if you want to be extra and thank me later.

2017-05-31 09.20.22 1

2017-05-31 09.20.20 1

2017-05-31 09.20.17 2

2017-05-31 09.20.14 2

2017-05-31 09.20.28 1

2017-05-31 09.20.21 1

2017-05-31 09.20.26 2

2017-06-01 08.45.06 1

2017-05-31 09.20.25 1

What are your thoughts on this outfit? I would love to hear from you… Jen♥

Photos: Roby

P.S. Shooting this outfit was so much fun, we had so many stares and heads turning I couldn’t wait to share it.

Top: Primark | Dress: H&M | Shoes: Topshop | Scarf: NewLook | Sunglasses: Mango


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Jazzy says:

    Oh I love it 😍


  2. Roby says:



    1. Jenny Cole says:

      Thanks baby girl❤


  3. M J Kwaghe says:

    This is really beautiful Jenny 😍❤️️


    1. Jenny Cole says:

      Thank you MJ hun❤


  4. Amaka says:

    Once I peeped that raffia bag I was like haha she’s already putting her new buy to use. I like the look, but I don’t think I’d have the confidence to pair things like that for fear of being roasted by the fam lol but I’m curious to try it out now. As usual I am admiring your raffia bag!

    P.S. Pssst, how on earth do you get your photos to say “pin it”? You must share!


    1. Jenny Cole says:

      Haha, yes girl I’m surely putting it to use already. You should try switching up your style every now and then, like I said this outfit caused a lot of stares. Always remember to wear anything at all with confidence, goes a long way. About the ‘pin it’ thing I’m honestly not sure how that happened so I guess it comes with the theme I use.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. anne marie says:



    1. Jenny Cole says:

      Thank you… X


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