Hello Lovelies.

On the blog today, I am sharing something different from the usual which is my visit to the Arts and Crafts Village in Abuja, Nigeria.
2017-05-26 10.37.08 1

2017-05-27 10.25.49 1

A little while ago, I had gone with my friend and we had plans to explore this beautiful place filled with little thatch houses but nature had other plans as it started to rain heavily shortly after we got there. We were however blessed to find ourselves with a kind store owner- Zakaraya who chatted with us about the very lovely items he had in his store. He had items ranging from clothing accessories to home decor and we just turned his store into our photo studio.

2017-05-27 10.25.48 1

2017-05-27 10.25.50 1

These bags made out of raffias from Ghana had to be the first items we were drawn to. He had them in different sizes, designs and colours making it quite difficult to choose.

2017-05-27 10.25.47 1

Hat made out of raffia, who doesn’t need one for the Sun?

2017-05-27 10.25.46 1

Cowries from the swamps in Bornu, Maiduguri, Nigeria.

2017-05-29 12.28.31 1

Couldn’t resist these beautiful bangles from Cameroon.

2017-05-29 12.28.29 1

Neckpieces from Kurumi, Kano, Nigeria.

2017-05-29 08.40.47 1

Peep the lady behind me getting quite a number of those beautiful Raffia bags.

2017-05-29 12.28.30 1

2017-05-29 08.23.37 1

2017-05-29 12.28.27 1

Had to take a picture with Mr. Zakaraya just before we left, cannot wait to visit him again sometime soon.

I always love to hear from you so please share your thoughts on this post below… Jen♥

Arts and Crafts Village 

Plot no. 1519, Cadastral Zone A00,

Central Area,



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Great post!

    Would love it if you would check out my blog 💖💖


  2. Amaka says:

    Lovely post, how much were the raffia bags (If not a specific price, an average price or range)? Been dreaming of them since!


    1. Jenny Cole says:

      Thanks babe❤
      The smaller Raffia bags were about N4,000 while the bigger ones were about N7,000 but of course it’s negotiable… And yes, they are beautiful with different designs to choose from.

      Liked by 1 person

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