Hello Lovelies!

I hope the weekend is going well so far?

I am reviewing a primer I have had for quite a long while now, I’m not sure why this review hasn’t been up since but better late than never…


I got this primer because I saw a lot of positive reviews on the Superdrug website and I was convinced it would work to eliminate shine around my T-zone because although I am not oily, like most people I usually get shiny around that area after a little while.


What it says:

The description says it is “light” it “mattifies” and gives the skin a flawless looking texture.

What it does:

It is light and has a velvety feel when applied onto the skin so your foundation goes smoothly on top of it but it doesn’t mattify the skin, at least not mine. After a couple hours, I still get shiny around my T-zone and this is not even when the weather is super warm.


This primer proper had me googling the meaning of “infallible” because I was honestly beginning to think that I was expecting too much from the description.

So if you have oily or combination skin and you are looking to get an affordable primer, then you don’t want to waste your money on this. Maybe if your skin is dry it might work but I wouldn’t know anyway. This product had me giving all other products from the L’Oreal infallible range the side-eye.

What primers have you tried lately, I am always looking to try new ones to see how they hold up in this really warm Nigerian weather.

Please leave your comments below.

Stay beautiful… Jen


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Adejumoke says:

    Hello , I’m currently using the ponds primer. Very very very good for oily skin. You’ll have to blend fast so it doesn’t dry up and create patches after applying foundation.


    1. Jenny Cole says:

      Girl, I have heard good things about that primer and will need to get my hands on it ASAP but for now the Benefit Porefessional is doing me well. Thanks for stopping by and sharing❤


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