Strolling through Boots the other day, I decided to check out the Smashbox Cosmetics area to know more about their primers because that’s what they are famous for (to me at least) and learnt that they in fact have a foundation range available in 22 shades. So I decided to try it out; here is a review of the product.


I have been using the Black Up full coverage foundation for a couple of years now and if you have ever tried this product, one thing you’ll agree with me on is that it really is super full coverage so switching to something else has not been so simple. After trying this product though, I am convinced now that it will be my go-to foundation; maybe it’s because I’m just tired of my Black Up at the moment? Who knows?

Before foundation
After foundation

 I do not have lots of spots, acne or skin issues at all but as you can see, the product actually covers up the few dark spots I have and evens out my skin tone. So I would personally say this product is medium to full coverage. Notice the little spot on my nose and the ones on the side of my face in the picture without the foundation and how you can’t see them when I have the foundation on? That’s what it’s supposed to do, cover up blemishes and even out the colour of skin.

I like that the formula is liquid but not too watery, light and super-blendable. It is oil and fragrance free, does not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and phthalates.

So they say this lasts for 15 hours. Personally, I have not had it on for that long, I’ve had it on for only 10 hours or a little over. Normally, I can get quite shiny after a few hours around my T-zone but with this foundation I did not have to touch up because my face was not greasy at all. I only had to dab on my nose area after 10 hours and it still looked fresh. If you have oily or combination skin you might want to try this out, I bet you’d love it too.

What is your favourite/to-go foundation at the moment? I am looking to try out new foundations.

Love… Jen♥


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