It’s no longer news that brows have taken centre stage and now become the focus of beauty rather than being just an add-on. With ever changing brow trends, from big and boxy to super fluffy and natural looking brows, a girl is always in search of the perfect brow product to keep up with new trends.


I have found my go-to product for natural brows- The Sleek Eyebrow Stylist in ‘dark’- and I am sharing swatches and steps on how I use it as well.


  • Twist up
  • Angled tip
  • Double ended (pencil and spoolie)

This product creates a natural effect but is also buildable for a more intense look, so if you never seem to get your brows right I bet this is perfect for you. The design makes it even easier to outline and fill in, following the angle of the brow. It blends easily and I love the fact that it has a spoolie at one end so you do not have to get a separate spoolie, I just apply with one end and brush on with the other, how convenient!

So because I already have a reasonable amount of brow hairs all I need to do is fill in the spaces with light upward strokes rather than drawing in.


To do my brows I follow these simple steps:

  1. Brush brow hairs upwards into place
  2. Draw the shape of brow on the top and bottom, trying to make both brows as similar as possible
  3. Brush/blend out the harsh lines using the spoolie
  4. Fill in the front with a very light hand and the rest of the brow using upward strokes
  5. Using a little concealer, lightly go over the shape of the brow and clean to define it more
  6. Blend out concealer
  7. Brush brows through using a brow gel, this keeps hairs in place.

I hope this helps you get your brows right and natural looking. Have a productive weekend and always remember you are BEAUTIFUL… Jen♥

P.S. If you are in Nigeria and would want to purchase any items on my blog simply send an email to: and I will keep in touch. Also you can view more items on @shop_inmyloop


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