Hello Beauties! I hope your week started on a good note?

Today I will be sharing my haul from early this month, it is a little late and I apologize.

Grey Velvet is a beautiful boutique that takes pride in promoting and stocking only the best of African/Nigerian fashion and beauty brands as well as accessories. Think of it as a cute little Nigerian store with a contemporary chic setting. They have branches in three locations: Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt and I got these products delivered to the Port Harcourt store from Lagos for free, yes you heard right totally FREE. Apparently, they do not stock all the products they sell and promote online in their Port Harcourt mall branch so you can order on the phone and have it delivered to the store free of charge. Their prices are a slightly higher than the original price but it is nothing ridiculous, at least you do not get to pay delivery fees from each store which could get expensive.

R&R LUXURY ‘Lemongrass’ and ‘Serenity’ Body Oil – N2,145 each

I have been using the Serenity body oil from R&R Luxury for a while now [shared a post here] and decided to get another bottle and also try out their “popular” Lemongrass oil. I have to say I prefer the Serenity oil. First time I used the Lemongrass one, it had a strong smell. I do not think this is bad, it was just a little strong for me, however, I have gotten a hang of it now so I do not even notice it anymore.


VANE ‘Bobby Brown’ ‘Richie Rich’ ‘French Crush’ – N2,800 each

I mentioned Vane sometime on this post [here] and finally decided to try it out after seeing the New Summer 2016 Collection which I could not resist. I have to say that I am impressed, absolutely in love and proud of this brand; I hope to leave a review very soon.

Contact details are at the end of this post as usual.

Enjoy the rest of the week… Jen♥



Port Harcourt Mall [First floor]

Phone: +2348101585584, +2348022900376 [Lagos]

Instagram: @greyvelvetstores


Phone: +2348098177474

Instagram: @vanepolish


Phone: +23412916483

Instagram: @randrluxury


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