Have you ever bought a beauty product and later wondered what demon even possessed you to get it in the first place? Well that is the feeling I had after buying this one.

I was at Casabella, Port-Harcourt mall shopping face creams with my mum a  few weekends ago and could not keep myself from straying towards the make-up section. I have been looking out for good products to add to my little make-up collection and thought this blush was pretty at first sight, so I picked one up for myself. Now I have to mention that I am quite familiar with the Sleek brand so I had a lot of expectations and looking at this blush your first thought is probably “oh it looks so beautiful” right? At least that is exactly what I thought and without even thinking too much I picked it up and was glad I had just bought my first blush in a long time.


I currently have just one blush in the shade ‘Flushed’ from Sleek cosmetics which is a beautiful deep berry shade, that is just so pigmented and buildable. It is my go-to blush for obvious reasons so I had wanted to add one, two or maybe even three more just so I’m not wearing the same colour on my cheeks with every look.


I was going for an “orangey” kind of look but this turned out to be an EPIC FAIL. At first I assumed I was applying with a light hand, so I decided to pack on the product and to my disappointment the color payoff was not what I had imagined. You can tell from this swatch that this blush is not pigmented, I can only imagine how it looks on darker skin.

 In case you are looking to buy a peachy or orange shade blush this is one to avoid. Will keep you updated when I get something that is perfect, I might even try out another blush from this brand, have my eyes on a couple already. I just have to say again that this product disappointed me and is a total waste of my money, I love the Sleek brand so much but this one is a no no.

Warmest hugs… Jen♥


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