Hello beautiful ladies and welcome to a new month!!!

First, let me start by apologizing for being MIA for almost a month now, to be honest I have been struggling with perfectionism. Now I am aware this is not a good thing but still I feel like there are important resources I need to have in order to make this blog better but I do not have them at the moment and I am stressing to get everything perfect. This has made me hold back a lot from doing things I had already planned out in my head. Anyway, scratch that!!! I’m doing this either ways, perfect or not.

Now to the interesting part, this post is a 2-in-1; first a throwback haul and then a review on the products. I purchased these beauty products online from beauty store- BeautyRevNg, (will leave contact details below) sometime in January. I had wanted to do this review earlier but I thought I really needed to use all products, especially the eye-shadow palette a bit more so here we go.


If you have heard about the Morphe 35o eye-shadow palette, then the one thing you will know is that it is one of the most raved about palettes in recent times and is sold out almost all the time, even now. It is pretty normal for this to happen, beauty lovers create a hype even when the product does not live up to the buzz so for that reason I did not immediately pay attention to this. Over time though, I thought to watch reviews on the product, including one from Jackie Aina after which I started to think that I needed this one; sadly it was sold out at that time.

Fast forward to one morning, I am at work casually scrolling through my Instagram feed and Isoken aka Verygoodbadgurl posts a picture of the palette announcing that it is in stock at BeautyRevNg and that was the moment. I knew had to make a decision quick before it got sold out again especially as I thought it was a bit pricy at that time (my opinion). I had thought same thing about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture palette I had seen on another online beauty store and did not order until it got sold out and later I questioned myself wondering if I made the right decision (no I did not make the right decision, I am still looking to get something similar). Some people might think the amount is a bit too much for just an eye-shadow palette but to be honest it has 35 shades in it so I think that is a lot and it is definitely worth the price.

Anyway, I ordered this and 3 other products, though they initially confirmed my order, they called back few minutes after saying they had only one out of the four products I ordered. Luckily, the only product they had was the palette which was most important to me, you can imagine how excited I felt. The lady on the phone suggested I go for the deep purple rather than the darkest purple I had ordered and was helpful and patient with me while I took forever to choose lip colours. I just honestly wanted to buy products to get my order up to 15,000 Naira so they ship for free rather than pay 2,000 or 2,500 Naira for shipping (I do not remember exactly but I love to qualify for free shipping). I ordered on a Tuesday, they delivered promptly on a Thursday and I paid on delivery. All products were well packaged and sealed with more than enough bubble wrap to prevent any breakage so I recommend this store to all you Port-Harcourt beauties for your online beauty shopping.


I do not use eye shadows often but at first sight, I thought this palette was really pretty and I was even tempted to swatch a few colours at work. The product is light-weight and the packaging is basic, nothing fancy at all. As you can see, it has the perfect shades: earthy tones, oranges from bright to burnt, crease colours, transition colours and shimmery shades as well. It is just PERFECT for someone who loves warm, neutral looks with a little shine and shimmer here are there just like I do. The only thing I do not really like about this palette is that I think it has too many browns, it even gets confusing so most times I just settle for the brown in my NYX Naturals palette. But again, there is enough space for 35 colours.


Shadows are pigmented as you can see in the swatches and most are really buttery, smooth and easy to blend in, however they are just a few chalky ones. I have added a few pictures at the end of the post showing four looks created using this palette, the pictures are not of the best quality but I am working on making my pictures better. By God’s grace that happens soon.



I am so in love with the colour of this one, it is so beautiful. I usually use this with L.A. Girls lip liner in Dark purple and it is just perfect. I have reached out for this lip gloss a lot since I got it, I think the purple is just so pretty because its not so dark and its not light either. As expected with some matte lip products, this gloss is drying but it is not that bad to be honest; I love the colour so I can manage that part. However after a while, say about 5 hours I had something to drink and I smacked my lips it left a patch in the centre and trust me you do not want that to happen, it is not pretty at all. It will make sense to have it in your purse so you can touch up when this happens.



Secret is a true red, I feel like it is just a tad bit dark on me but it is nice still. That being said it is not a colour I see myself reaching out for very often, if you love reds however, you might just like this one.



It is safe to say I have dumped my other lip liners for this one. I did not even realize this and I had to force myself to use another liner over the last weekend. Its a nice dark purple as the name suggests and it is just perfect with the Rebel lip gloss which is my fave lip combo at the moment. I also like it with brighter pinks, it just make the pink pop. I believe this can also be used as a lip colour on its own, will definitely try it out and leave a post on my Instagram (@inmyloop).


Bright shimmery eyes, Nyx in Auburn lip liner and MAC in Diva lipstick on the lips


I just wanted a little shimmer on my lids, I had used my L.A. Girl lip liner in Dark Purple and paired it with my Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lip Cover in Don’t Blink Pink. Look what I said about it being nice with bright pinks.


I was going for a brown smokey eye here, how did I do? Not so bad I hope. And by the way I think I have to start wearing some falsies, I can barely see my lashes in this picture.


This is basically a no eye-shadow look with a little shimmer in the inner corner of my eyes just to brighten up the look. I have the L.A. girl matte pigment gloss in Rebel on my lips with the Dark Purple liner.

I hope you like this post and you have an amazing weekend.

Love… Jen♥



Instagram: @beautyrevng

Phone: +2348141381065

P.S: Other pretty palettes from Morphe Brushes are available at GlamBeautyJay here:


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