Hello Beauties!

I hope you have had an amazing week so far? As mentioned in my previous post, I will be doing a post on Contouring VS Strobbing- My Thoughts. I think this post should have been titled: Bye Contouring and Hello Strobbing just because it is exactly how I feel. Anyway let’s jump right in.

Contouring, which I am sure everyone knows about basically is using shade, that is, layers of dark and also light make up to really define and enhance or minimize facial features. This had been and still is a huge beauty trend as celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, raved about it; it quickly became the “it thing” or “top makeup hack” whatever you may call it because of how sculpted it makes the face look just by adding light and shade in certain areas.

I have been trying this contouring thing for a little while now and I am not exactly sure how I am doing. Okay, if I am being totally honest I have been struggling to get it right, literally! But still I suck at it. I try so hard but something always does not look right. At first I thought I just had to get the right products and brushes/applicators and then voilà! thats it! So I watched tons of videos from quite a number of make up gurus and I went steps further to get the right products and applicators I had seen online but all to no avail; it did not look as good on me as it did in the videos. I found that with contouring, blending is key and I think that is where I have a problem. I guess I am not able to blend in the light and dark shades properly and I somehow manage to get the powder to set the highlighted areas all over my face, then my face ends up looking too light (the struggle!).



Strobbing on the other hand, is the act of using an illuminator to emphasize the high points of one’s face. Basically, it is just highlighting certain facial features to create a glowy look (easy peasy and time-saving, I Know Right!). I am sure some of you are familiar with this already but I discovered it only recently and trust me I am the happiest girl because I have tried this and I think it looks right for me. I think I will just stick with this until I get get my contour game “on fleek”. So with this technique you highlight:

  • Cheekbones to enhance and bring them out
  • The bridge of the nose to sculpt and make it appear straighter
  • The forehead to just accentuate and bring some dimension to it (I would not do this too much)
  • The inner tear duct, top of the arch of the brow and brow bone to open up and brighten the eyes
  • Cupid’s bow and the chin to make lips appear bigger.

With strobbing, you clearly do not need to put on layers upon layers of dark make up on your face anymore, all of that blending is a thing of the past and what’s more is you can look just as good without it. However, you do not get a sculpted look with this technique as it only emphasizes one’s beauty rather than changing or altering certain features. That being said, I have therefore resorted to leave the contouring and blending to the make up pros, or maybe I’ll give it a try a couple more times and see if I succeed. So, if like me you are not about that contouring, life there is something for you and its called STROBBING.

Please let me know your thoughts on these techniques and if you are struggling with contouring let me know if you’ll be willing to give strobbing a try. Also, remember we are in this together♥


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